Mar 09 2024


  • Abiola Ojebola, School Mktg. & Comm. Coord.
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Every parent wants to see their child thrive, ooze  confidence and be ready to tackle whatever life throws their way. However, boosting your child's self-belief takes more than just cheering them on but includes giving them the tools to boost their confidence and reach their full potential.
Here are three rad techniques that can totally boost your child's self-confidence:
Brave Deeds: Encourage your child to step out of their comfort zone and take on new challenges. Whether it's trying out a new hobby, speaking up in class, or making new friends. Pushing boundaries builds serious confidence, so remember to praise their courage in trying new stuff, no matter the outcome. Also, show them that it is cool to face challenges so as to set them up for a lifetime of self-confidence.
Deep Listening: Communication is key to building a strong bond with your child and boosting their self-esteem. Listening isn't just about hearing; it's about really getting what your child is saying and validating their feelings. Take the time to really listen without judging or interrupting, letting your child express themselves freely. By showing empathy and understanding, you boost their confidence and encourage them to trust their own opinions.
Growth Mindset: Teach your child to see challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Instead of thinking that intelligence and skills are fixed, encourage them to embrace challenges and learn from their mistakes. Teach them to focus on the process, their efforts and persistence, rather than on the results alone. By showing them that hard work pays and mistakes are just part of the journey, you're giving them the confidence to take on anything life throws their way.
Putting these positive parenting tips into action can seriously boost your child's confidence and overall well-being. By encouraging risk-taking, listening mindfully, and embracing a growth mindset, you're setting them up to take on the world with confidence and positivity. Let's empower our kids to chase their dreams and believe in themselves, no matter what.


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